viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Nuevas Publicaciones del BID

Santigo Levy me hizo llegar estas referencias que pueden ser útiles en el contexto de la Crisis Actual

Policy Trade-offs for Unprecedented Times: Confronting the Global Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report focuses on the region's macroeconomic performance in the context of an unusually sharp and rapid deterioration in external conditions. To assess policy options, the report develops a framework to identify the critical trade-offs faced by countries in the region, and evaluates these trade-offs under alternative, plausible, global economic scenarios. The report identifies some of the macroeconomic challenges and risks that policymakers face on the road ahead. No individual country suggestions are made. Instead, the report indicates some general policy principles that can hopefully be of use to policymakers, including the international financial institutions engaged in the region.

Social and Labor Market Policies for Tumultuous Times: Confronting the Global Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report is devoted to the social impact of the crisis, and focuses on its effects on employment, nutrition, health, education, and poverty. It identifies the mechanisms by which the crisis can affect these critical social dimensions, and discusses possible policy responses given each country's circumstances, fiscal space and administrative capabilities. The report argues that an important but at times overlooked determinant of appropriate responses is the expected length of the crisis, as some measures that may be useful in the context of a short-lived recession may not be so in the context of a longer-lasting downturn. In parallel, the report argues that it is essential to consider the impact of any measures on the incentives of households, workers and firms, as some measures may have negative impacts on fundamental determinants of productivity and medium-term growth. The social challenge generated by the crisis is, therefore, not only to protect the vulnerable population, but to do so in a fiscally sustainable manner and with programs that contribute to, rather than retard, the resumption of growth.

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Marco Antonio Moreno dijo...


veré lo del BID este fin de semana.
Hice un comentario en El Universal pero no lo veo. También te cité en este artículo
Ya tocamos fondo, pero seguiremos ahíUn saludo

Alejandro Villagomez dijo...

Marco Antonio, el mecanismos de comentarios en el Universal creo que no esta activado, por eso utilizo el Blog....

Si visité hoy por la mañana tu Blog y me encontré con la referencia, lo cual te agradezco....