domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Lecciones de la Crisis: Publicación Cato Institute

El Cato Journal publica un número interesante sobre la crisis:

James A. Dorn Editor's Note(PDF, 2 pp., 47Kb)
Jeffrey A. MironBailout or Bankruptcy?(PDF, 17 pp., 380Kb)
Anna J. SchwartzOrigins of the Financial Market Crisis of 2008(PDF, 5 pp., 81Kb)
Allan H. MeltzerReflections on the Financial Crisis(PDF, 6 pp., 86Kb)
Donald L. KohnMonetary Policy and Asset Prices Revisited(PDF, 14 pp., 157Kb)
Otmar IssingAsset Prices and Monetary Policy(PDF, 7 pp., 96Kb)
Jeffrey M. LackerWhat Lessons Can We Learn from the Boom and Turmoil?(PDF, 11 pp., 131Kb)
Charles W. CalomirisFinancial Innovation, Regulation, and Reform(PDF, 27 pp., 264Kb)
Bert ElyBad Rules Produce Bad Outcomes: Underlying Public-Policy Causes of the U.S. Financial Crisis(PDF, 22 pp., 944Kb)
Lawrence H. WhiteFederal Reserve Policy and the Housing Bubble(PDF, 11 pp., 133Kb)
Wolfgang MünchauThe Case for Policy Sustainability(PDF, 4 pp., 71Kb)
Andrew A. SamwickMoral Hazard in the Policy Response to the 2008 Financial Market Meltdown(PDF, 9 pp., 114Kb)
Kevin DowdMoral Hazard and the Financial Crisis(PDF, 26 pp., 262Kb)
Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.Money and the Present Crisis(PDF, 20 pp., 208Kb)
Roger W. GarrisonInterest-Rate Targeting during the Great Moderation: A Reappraisal(PDF, 14 pp., 167Kb)
William PooleThe Way Forward: Incentives, Not Regulations(PDF, 7 pp., 94Kb)

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