martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

¿Son Inmorales las Finanzas?

Magnífica nota de Shiller en Bloomberg, Finance Isn’t as Amoral as It Seems
Una discusión sobre el comportamiento de los individuos en el mundo de las finanzas y los casinos... además con una esperada explicación utilizando economía del comportamiento (BE)
Es la segunda parte de un primer artículo cuya liga se puede encontrar en la liga de arriba...
"...Positions in certain finance-related fields often offer more than the usual temptation to be less than honest -- because finance is a profession that offers, at least to the lucky few, astronomically high incomes. On occasion, we may even ask: Why would anyone with a sense of personal morality go into finance? ...

...Finance may seem corrupt also because the management of information is central to success in the field. And to make the best deal in a financial transaction, there is always the temptation to withhold information. Deliberate financial deception wounds the victim’s ego; people feel foolish to have been duped...

...The further success of financial capitalism once again depends on people adopting a more nuanced view of human nature as it is expressed in a financial environment. In an economic system that is essentially good overall, we have to accept that there will be some less-than-high-minded behavior..."

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