lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Las Ciudades Más Competitivas del Mundo: DF 71

The Economic Intelligence Unit publica su índice de las ciudades más competitivas en el mundo. Nueva York, Londres y Singapure son las más competitivas, en ese orden. México tiene el lugar 71. Buenos Aires está en el 60, Sao Paulo en el 62 y Santiago en el 68. Monterrey es 90 y Guadalajara 102.

African and Latin American cities lag most on competitiveness. All regions have leaders and laggards in terms of competitive cities. But while most regions host at least some competitive cities, Latin America in particular performs relatively poorly across most categories, including in physical capital (its best city, Santiago, is joint 66th) and institutional effectiveness (Panama City tops the list at 53rd). Just one city, Buenos Aires (60th), makes the top half of the Index. Africa lags further, with South Africa providing the only decent contenders, such as Johannesburg (67th) and Cape Town (73rd)

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