jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

¿Comprar con Tarjeta de Crédito o con Efectivo?

Esta es una pregunta que nos hemos hecho muy seguido. En este interesante trabajo que utiliza conceptos de Economía del Comportamiento (BE) señala que existe una diferencia... cuando pagamos con tarjeta de crédito ponemos más antención en los puntos o beneficios del producto que estamos comprando y no pensamos tanto en su costo, mientras que cuando pagamos con efectivo nos produce más dolor y nos fijamos más en el costos
Most people have had the experience that paying for something with a credit card seems less painful than paying for it with cash. In addition to this common experience, a number of studies have demonstrated that people are generally more willing to part with their money when paying with credit cards than with cash. They are also willing to pay more for a product when paying with a credit card than when paying with cash.
qué se recomienda?

What should you do?

When making any large purchase, you should think about whether you would be just as willing to buy the product if you were paying cash as if you were paying with credit. This can be particularly important for purchases like cars and electronics where salespeople like to add on expensive warranties. In the context of spending thousands of dollars on a purchase, a few extra hundred dollars may not feel like very much. It is worth thinking about all that you could do with those extra hundreds. Thinking about paying with cash may help you to do that.

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Patrizio dijo...

No es posible que el % extra que se paga al comprar con TC sea igual a la tasa de interés que estás dispuesto a afrontar por el consumo intertemporal?