sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

El Impacto de los Blogs en Economía

La discusión de este tema ha estado aumentando en tiempos recientes y ya había comentado algon en este post. Ahora les comparto este documento:

THE IMPACT OF ECONOMICS BLOGS David J. McKenzie, World Bank and CEPR Berk Özler, World Bank
Discussion Paper No. 8558 September 2011
Centre for Economic Policy Research
There is a proliferation of economics blogs, with increasing numbers of economists attracting large numbers of readers, yet little is known about the impact of this new medium. Using a variety of experimental and non-experimental techniques, we try to quantify some of their effects. First, links from blogs cause a striking increase in the number of abstract views and downloads of economics papers. Second, blogging raises the profile of the blogger (and his institution) and boosts their reputation above economists with similar publication records. Finally, we find that a blog can transform attitudes about some of the topics it covers.

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