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Donald Byrd, Jazz y Matemáticas RIP

Donald Byrd una de las leyendas del jazz murió en febrero pasado

En el NYT  "Almost from the day he arrived in New York City in 1955 from his native Detroit, Mr. Byrd was at the center of the movement known as hard bop, a variation on bebop that put greater emphasis on jazz’s blues and gospel roots. Known for his pure tone and impeccable technique, he performed or recorded with some of the most prominent jazz musicians of that era, including John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins and the drummer Art Blakey, considered one of jazz’s great talent scouts. As a bandleader, Mr. Byrd was sometimes a talent scout too — one of the first to hire a promising young pianist named Herbie Hancock, who, like Mr. Byrd, would later be called a renegade for an approach that won a wide audience but displeased many critics."

Pero lo que me llamó siempre la atención (para mi, un fanático del jazz y las matemáticas) es su interés por vincular a la matemática con el jazz, sobre lo cuale xiste una amplia literatura, cursos en universidades y papers académicos. Si alguien duda sobre esto, la matemática y la música están estrechamente ligadas como lo muestra este paper (muy técnico!!!!) de Mazzola, otro jazzista y doctor en matemáticas

Byrd didn't have much training in mathematics but created a groundbreaking curriculum called Music + Math (equals) Art, in which he transformed notes into numbers to simultaneously teach music and math.

Un poco de BYRD!!!!! 

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