sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Stiglitz y Rogoff: Desigualdad y los Conflictos Árabes

Dos editoriales el día de hoy que reflexionan sobre los conflictos en Tunez y Egipto y la desiguladad.
The Tunisian Catalyst , Joseph E. Stiglitz
...Even providing good education may not suffice. All over the world, countries are struggling to create enough jobs for new entrants into the labor force. High unemployment and pervasive corruption, however, create a combustible combination. Economic studies show that what is really important to a country’s performance is a sense of equity and fair play...

...A sense of fair play requires voice, which can be achieved only through public dialogue. Everyone stresses the rule of law, but it matters a great deal what kind of rule of law is established. For laws can be used to ensure equality of opportunity and tolerance, or they can be used to maintain inequalities and the power of elites...

The Inequality Wildcard , Kenneth Rogoff
...Within countries, inequality of income, wealth, and opportunity is arguably greater than at any time in the last century. Across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, corporations are bulging with cash as their relentless drive for efficiency continues to yield huge profits. Yet workers’ share of the pie is falling, thanks to high unemployment, shortened working hours, and stagnant wages...
...What is clear is that inequality is not just a long-term issue. Concerns about the impact of income inequality are already constraining fiscal and monetary policy in developed and developing countries alike as they attempt to extricate themselves from the hyper-stimulative policies adopted during the financial crisis

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