viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Lo Que Señalizan los Artículos de Marca: Ariely

Una simpática reflexión de Dan Ariely sobre el uso de artículos de marca
...We usually think of brands as signaling something to others. We drive a Prius to show that we are environmentally conscious or wear Nike to show that we’re athletic. In this case I didn’t want to send a signal to the world, but nevertheless I felt different, as if I were signaling something to myself—telling myself something about me and as a result of carrying the Prada bag. Maybe this is the attraction of branded underwear. They are basically a private consumption experience, but my guess is that if I put on a pair of Ferrari underwear, even if nobody saw them, they would still make me feel differently somehow (Perhaps more masculine? Wealthier? Faster?).

So brands communicate in two directions: they help us tell other people something about ourselves, but they also help us form ideas about who we are.....

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