lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Las Decisiones de los Individuos y Neuroeconomía: Entre tener Sexo y Comer un Sandwich

Interesante post de Tim Harford

“Neuroeconomics” reminds us that your cognitive processes may vary depending on anything from whether you’ve recently had sex to whether you’ve recently eaten a sandwich

.John Coates, meanwhile, has been on the hunt for the molecular triggers of financial manias and panics. His new book is The Hour Between Dog and Wolf; it alternates between war stories from the trading floor and a lucid discussion of human physiology. The two critical hormones in Coates’s investigation are steroids, hormones that have dramatic impacts not only on the body but the brain, too. If oxytocin is the moral molecule, testosterone may be the molecule for market manias, and cortisol could be the molecule in charge of panics and busts.

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