martes, 12 de junio de 2012

COFECO, Pérez Mota y los Millonarios Mexicanos

Interesante artículo hoy en Bloomberg
Slim’s America Movil has 70 percent of the mobile-phone market and 80 percent of land lines in Mexico. Still, the wired business is in decline, and wireless profits are shrinking because of restrictions imposed by regulators. TV companies, meanwhile, have entered the phone and Internet markets. Slim aims to counterattack by getting a license to offer video service -- something the government hasn’t granted yet. Televisa’s Azcarraga, 44, inherited the broadcast business from his father, a man known as “the Tiger” for his combative style. The company has grown into an international Spanish- language empire, with a stake in U.S. network Univision and cable networks that air as far south as Argentina. Salinas, 56, made his fortune giving high-interest loans to poor Mexicans for household appliances and acquired a government-owned TV chain in 1993. That became TV Azteca SAB. All three are taking advantage of an expanding economy and relatively low inflation. Mexico’s gross domestic product grew 4.6 percent in the first quarter, the fastest pace in more than a year. Consumer prices rose 3.85 percent last month from a year earlier, higher only than Colombia and Chile among Latin America’s seven largest economies.

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