martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Sobrevivirá el Capitalismo? Rogoff

Una interesante reflexión de Rogoff...Is Modern Capitalism Sustainable?.. tema que hace mucho no tratan economistas de la llamada "corriente principal de la economía"..
...Second, along with great wealth, capitalism has produced extraordinary levels of inequality. The growing gap is partly a simple byproduct of innovation and entrepreneurship. People do not complain about Steve Jobs’s success; his contributions are obvious. But this is not always the case: great wealth enables groups and individuals to buy political power and influence, which in turn helps to generate even more wealth. Only a few countries – Sweden, for example – have been able to curtail this vicious circle without causing growth to collapse
Will capitalism be a victim of its own success in producing massive wealth? For now, as fashionable as the topic of capitalism’s demise might be, the possibility seems remote. Nevertheless, as pollution, financial instability, health problems, and inequality continue to grow, and as political systems remain paralyzed, capitalism’s future might not seem so secure in a few decades as it seems now.

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Anónimo dijo...

El artículo es muy interesante, sobre todo porque raras veces se cuestiona, sobre todo en las aulas del salón, sobre la sustentabilidad del sistema económico en el que nos encontramos. Me da mucho gusto que publique este tipo de artículos que nos hacen reflexionar sobre lo que actualmente vivimos. Este tipo de análisis pienso que hace falta más en el CIDE, una visión mas incluyente y reflexiva de lo que actualmente es la economía.

Christian Jiménez, Casi licenciado.