lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

¿Siguen Siendo Útiles los Documentos de Trabajo?

De acuerdo a este post en un blog del banco mundial, Working Papers are NOT Working, parece que no.
...So, what if we chose to not have working papers? There is no doubt that the speed with which journals publish submitted papers would have to change. Some journals pay reviewers: this could become more prevalent to encourage speedy but thorough reviews. And, these days, journal articles, with all the requested online appendices, the data, dofiles, etc. are much more attractive than working papers and I don’t think they are more academic. If you can write well and make your findings accessible for policymakers, you do equally well via a journal article as a working paper.
If we didn't have working papers, we could also go back to double blind reviews again. No, it won’t be perfect, but double-blind was there for a reason. I see serious equity concerns with single blind reviews (Those of you out there who receive a paper to review: if you are not sure who the authors are by the time you read the abstract, please resist the urge to Google the title). This should be our default position until we study the effects of single- vs. double-blind reviews in economics a bit more...

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