sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Tendencias y Características del Estudio de la Economía en México

Les comparto un artículo que realicé con Robert Duval y acaba de ser publicado en el Journal of economic Education

Trends and Characteristics of Economics Degrees in a Developing Country: The Case of Mexico

This article documents trends in enrollment in undergraduate economics programs in Mexico in 1970-2007 and discusses the characteristics of the programs—particularly the typical curriculum and graduation requirements—and the entry of graduates into the job market. Recent data show a pattern in enrollment rates surprisingly similar to those of developed countries. First-year enrollment has been decreasing relative to enrollment in other undergraduate programs, mostly because of the rise of substitute majors. This confirms a declining trend observed in the developed world. In contrast to other developed countries, Mexico has seen a steady increase in the participation of women, who currently represent more than 40 percent of total enrollment in economics programs. This trend is not exclusive to economics, but is similar to the average enrollment of women in other majors.

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