jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Continúa Aumentando el Número de Estudiantes Mexicanos que quieren estudiar en USA

Interesante reporte del Council of Graduate Schools
International Graduate Applications Rise for Seventh Consecutive Year; China, Mexico, and Brazil show largest gains

"...The initial snapshot of graduate applications for fall 2012, released today, shows a seventh successive year of double-digit growth in applications from China, up 18%, compared to a 21% increase in 2011. Applications from India increased 2%, following an 8% increase in 2011. South Korea’s 2% gain last year was followed by a decrease of 1% this year.
This year, in addition to collecting data for all international students, the report also looks at data for ten specific countries and regions, up from the four countries and regions in previous years. The survey now collects data on seven countries (China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil) and three regions (the Middle East, Africa and Europe). China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Canada are the top five countries of origin for international graduate students in the United States. Altogether, the ten countries and regions highlighted in the CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey account for the home countries of about 85% of all international graduate students in the United States.
Between 2011 and 2012, applications from Mexico grew 17%, those from Brazil increased 14%, and Canadian applications saw 9% growth. Taiwan saw a slight decline of 2%. Data collected indicate that applications from Africa decreased 5%, while those from Europe grew 7% and the Middle East increased 6%.
(negritas son mías)

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