martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

¿Malas Prácticas en Algunos Journals Académicos?

Este post es de interés particular para académicos. Este artículo me parece algo preocupante y sugiere prácticas poco decorosas de algunas revistas académicas incluso conocidas
Coerced citations and manipulated impact factors – the dirty tricks of academic journals
A number of business and economic journals systematically manipulate their impact factors and try to artificially boost their academic reputation. This is the staggering conclusion of a survey conducted by two American economists, Allen W. Wilhite and Eric A. Fong, both affiliated with The University of Alabama, Huntsville.

The authors reveal that editors frequently and deliberately force researchers to quote articles that originally have not been considered relevant by them. Usually the editors them them to refer to articles which were published in the very same journal the authors submitted their work to. However, some editors even try to push the citation of individual articles and researchers

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