martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Kahneman: Asesor en el Draft de la NFL?

BE en la NFL???? mejor les comparto este artículo

"...A Nobel Prize winner in economics suggests that we start with the assumption that the quarterback’s brain is not a perfectly rational machine that always uses the best logic or information available....

Daniel Kahneman, an emeritus professor of psychology at Princeton, warns us that we are not as in control of our decisions as we’d like to believe. What may seem like a straightforward, obvious choice on the football field (audible or not, pass vs. run, throw short or deep) may be influenced by hidden biases and heuristics that we don’t consciously perceive.
...In addition to the loss aversion heuristic, quarterbacks are also susceptible to what Kahneman calls the availability bias: our tendency to rely on associations and analogies that come easiest to mind. For a QB looking at the defensive formation, he might focus on the first response that pops into his head based on his stored memory and training, rather than seeing a more subtle pattern that may call for a different response.

For the experienced player, this automatic response is a competitive advantage because it has been earned by years of deliberate study and practice. System 1 becomes a tool to recognize patterns quickly in what Malcolm Gladwell would describe as a “Blink.”

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Anónimo dijo...

Este ano, el #1 de la draft es muy facil. Andrew Luck, mariscal de campo, de Stanford, que estuvo a un juego de que el Cardinal llegue al juego de campeonato nacional. Ultimos dos temporadas, Stanford y Luck perdieron dos juego, ambos contra Oregon. Si no fuera por Oregon, Stanford podria haber ganado dos campeonatos nacionales en hilo.