viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Face it economists: you are a nerd.

Un ¿simpático? o al menos interesante post en el blog Noahpinions Economists, release your inner nerd!

"But all of these disciplines share some common markers of nerdiness... Economics is different. Very few economists read a lot of sci-fi (or, at least, are reluctant to admit it openly). At social gatherings, economists tend to discuss sports, politics, and money rather than augmented reality or driverless cars. They tend to be better-dressed and better-coiffed than natural scientists. In other words, they are a little bit like MBAs. In this way, economists show that they are about Business; that they are worthy of consulting gigs and Congressional testimony.

But economists can't be just like MBAs; they have to also show that they are Smart as well as Business. But if you can't show you're smart by quoting Vernor Vinge and gushing about Augmented Reality glasses, what are you supposed to do?

Answer: Act like you have mild Asperger's. Don't pump people's hands when you encounter them at the AEA Meeting; stand there awkwardly as if you're not sure whether to shake their hand or not (then finally shake it). When discussing economics, pepper your explanations with excess formalism: instead of saying "figure out how the business cycle works," say "examine the joint time series properties of macroeconomic variables." Instead of "mean and variance," say "moments of interest." Talk...very...slowly...with...random...long... ... ... ...pauses. Drop the occasional politically incorrect comment, and then pretend you didn't realize you did it and apologize sincerely..."

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