sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Economía en la Moda y el Futbol

Dos interesantes notas breves sobre temas diversos en donde mete las narices la economía
El primero es sobre sisoclogía y futbol.... en el Blog Sports Economics
...Apesteguia and Palacios-Huerta find a form of choking, in penalty kick shootouts. The data come from knockout competitions invovling a variety of club and international federations. The results are truly remarkable: the team that shoots first wins 60%, and the team that follows wins just 40% of the time. The coin flip is thus a major shift in the probability of winning (more so than the controversial coin flip in NFL overtime). Moreover, whether they know the numerical statistics or not, players and teams behave as if it matters, overwhelmingly choosing to shoot first when given the option. The inference is that the first team, by scoring, imposes a psycholgical burden on the second team...
El segundo es sobre la moda y el comportamiento de la economía
....Fashionomics followers will be familiar with the Hemline Index, a theory presented by economist George Taylor in 1926 that suggests that hemlines on women’s dresses rise along with stock prices.
Based on this theory, micro-minis can be seen in good times as women take more risks, while axi dresses (floor-sweeping dresses) reflect uncertainty and conservatism during a recession...
qué sucederá el próximo año????

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