lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

La Importancia de la Identidad Nacional para Ganar un Partido de Futbol

Con una disculpa por adelantado a todos aquellos lectores que no compartan el gusto por este evento masivo que es la Copa del Mundo, agrego otro post sobre el tema ya que existe mucho material circulando desconocido.
En estos destaca el siguiente trabajo publicado por unos profesores de la Universidad de Tilburg y tomado del Blog
They think it’s all over: National identity, scoring in the last minute, and penalty shootouts
se ve interesante el estudio
Inicia con las siguientes citas:
“Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.”
Gary Lineker, BBC Sport presenter and former England captain
“When the Germans play well they become world champion; if they play poor they reach the final.”
Michel Platini, President of UEFA and former France captain
Cuando se refiere a los penales comenta lo siguiente:
Table 2 gives an overview of penalty shootouts in the World Cup and Continental Championships. Whereas England, Italy and the Netherlands have a poor performance, Brazil has a much better performance, and Germany has an excellent performance with five wins against France, Mexico, Argentina and twice against England. With the exception of the Belgium national team which participated in penalty shootouts only once, the German national team has the highest percentage of goals scored in penalty shootouts (94%) in the World Cup and in the European Championship (90%).
Y concluye con lo siguiente
Of course, the probability of winning is mostly determined by team quality. But it seems that not only home advantage, skills, and luck matter; so does national identity. Nevertheless, goal scoring in the last minute does not happen very often. While the German mentality may make scoring late goals more likely, the chances of it influencing this year’s world cup, though significant, are small.

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