viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Las grillas en la FED Minneapolis

Parece que las cosas en la Fed de Minneapolis se han estado poniendo interesante. De acuerdo a esta nota en el blog del WSJ

"Last month, the bank fired economist Patrick Kehoe and demoted Kei-Mu Yi from his position as senior vice president and research director to a job as special policy adviser. Monetary adviser Ellen McGrattan won’t be retained when her contract comes up for renewal."

Pero el tema seguro tiene más fondo. Kocherlakota, el actual presidente de esta Fed también fue director de economía en la U de Minnesota, catedral de los "freshwater", pero ahora parece estar cambiando de opiniones

"Mr. Kocherlakota switched in 2012 from opposing some of the Fed’s easy-money policies to calling for more aggressive Fed action to spur economic growth and employment. The move reflected a shift in his views on persistently high unemployment: He went from thinking the cause was largely structural (and thus could not be fixed with monetary policy) to thinking it was largely due to weak demand (which means it could be addressed through policies aimed at boosting demand)."

En qué terminará esto?