domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Consejos Para el Mercado Laboral a los Recién Egresados

Esta es la época del año en la que los alumnos de nuestros programas están cerca de concluir de sus estudios e incursionar en el mercado laboral.... un enorme reto y una fase de enorme estrés...muchas recomendaciones y consejos.... en fin.... un interesante post sobre el tema

creo que coincido con esta reflexión

Approach your career ambitions the same way you approached your romantic ambitions at college. Sure, you're looking for "The One," but the only way to find that is by going on a lot of dates. And you should think about your first job as a good first date. Try it out. If you like it, stick around for another year. But if not, ask another employer out. And keep playing the field until you've found the job you want to stay with. This pattern of hopping between jobs while young, before settling down, is in remarkably common. And it makes sense, too. Romantic success never follows from trying to improve your partner; it follows from moving on and finding a better match. The same is true in the world of work. Indeed, economic research shows that most large pay gains come not from your boss promoting you, but rather from moving to a job that's a better fit, with a different employer. So for now, play the field. You'll discover what you like, you'll discover what you're good at, and at some point you'll be ready to settle down

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