martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Ahora es el Turno de Irlanda

Los problemas en los países europeos respecto a sus deudas no paran y ahora el tema es Irlanda.
El día de hoy los mercados mundiales reaccionaron negativamente debido a este problema que está que arde.
Larry Elliot, en The Guardian en línea presenta un breve artículo en donde resume el problema de Irlanda
Here is a brief recap of how the former Celtic Tiger arrived at the point where it looks likely to have to go cap in hand to Brussels and the International Monetary Fund. Ireland boomed in the 1990s, joined the euro as a founder member and ceded control over its own monetary policy. Interest rates were too low for a fast-growing economy, resulting in a colossal construction and housing boom, funded by absurdly lax lending by the banks. When the bubble burst, house prices collapsed, the economy went into a downward spiral, the budget deficit soared, and the banks faced going bust. To keep the markets sweet, the coalition government responded with package after package of draconian cuts.

Despite the immense pain caused, this strategy has failed. The markets have turned on Ireland with a vengeance, this week pushing up the rate at which the country has to borrow to finance its debts to a crippling 9%. Worryingly for Brian Cowen's government, borrowing costs for Ireland are higher than they were for Greece earlier this year.
Algo nuevo????

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